Saturday, January 8, 2022

Any Time You Give Fully

 Any time you give fully of yourself - there are elements of your old self that are dying because a new self is in the process of emerging.  - Van Neistat

Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck in Time

Speaking of Kurt... He said on a few occasions that life after 60 (or was that 65?) was an epilogue. Geez I hope not, yet realize the truth of it. I feel in some way (almost 72) I’m just getting started. Mom always said I was a late bloomer. I wish I could talk to Mom and ask, “Just how late were you thinking?”

I love the fact that Van Neistat is such a DIY (self made) kinda guy. Though he’s much younger than I, he seems like an old soul and more akin to someone my age. My oldest daughter is a few years older than he. 

A survey marker downtown Renton, WA. 1/8/2022

I enjoy Van’s way of doing things. When I was a kid and a young man, it was never about the money or the equipment. If you had an idea you carried it out with whatever you had on hand at the time.

Make it yourself!

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