Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Into the City I go...

Into Seattle last week (Feb 7, 2017) ... Enjoying the skyline from north Beacon Hill, Rizal Bridge, through Chinatown to Capitol Hill. I'm off the Freeway just cuz. It's not about saving time, but having some quality time.

Over years (and several of them) I worked downtown or traveled a lot to downtown and inner city neighborhoods for appointments, classes, etc. I lived on Capitol Hill (1978-1983) when I was involved with Cornish School of the Arts and Soundwork Studio at And/Or Arts up on Pine and Broadway in the old Odd Fellows Hall.

This was one of my favorite chapters in life and I refer to this era in the city as my early Gothic period. Then you'd see many on Broadway dressed in black (Johnny Cash?), lots of leather, boots, silver rivets, armor, (wallet) chains, and spiked (rainbow) hairdos... Those were the days my friends... About future, art was important, so were new ideas and their exploration. I'm blowing the dust off and renewing a few of my old oaths and pledges.

But no matter who I am, who you are, who "they" are... Most often back then we'd all find ourselves together in the city at a place like the Comet Tavern. We'd all be saddled up to the bar discussing art, music, theater, literature, politics, the future, and life the universe and everything while smoking hand rolled cigarettes from the Top Tobacco can on the bar, drinking cheap beers from the tap by the pitcher, and crunching peanut shells on the floor.

I love Seattle. I love what it was and (most of the time but not always) what it's becoming... Keep it real. Keep it local. Share. Love. Contribute. Enjoy. Explore.

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