Saturday, June 13, 2015

Social Media is best served with doodles and coffee.

One of the things I really enjoy about my work is the people! And I love the fact I’m out and about and we’re always up to something creative and interesting. I love brainstorming about marketing in the here and now with my coworkers and clients.

Some of the best times ever have been meetings at coffee shops and cafes. A morning get together over a good cup of Joe is one of my favorites. I like the social setting. For me it’s the perfect place to talk about online marketing concepts and social media strategies.

Louisa's Cafe, on Eastlake, Seattle.

As much as I am a total nerd student about technology and the way of the life online, I have a longtime old school habit. I doodle... My brain simply works better when I make sketches of our conversation.

Real Estate in the Social Age.

So when I’m out the door in the morning I load up my Explorer including my briefcase, my laptop, my iPad, and of course, I always have my iPhone with me. My 6 Plus is my office!

And I always make sure I have 2 sheets of paper neatly folded separately in my shirt pocket and a favorite pen.

You know, when opportunity strikes, I’m ready to doodle.

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