Saturday, April 4, 2015

Modern Convenience

Among a few fond memories I have of the later 1950’s (I was just a young'n then) is the advertising in magazines, newspapers and on television. We were all going to live a wonderful modern life with amazing products that would bring us every convenience.

We'd see the USA in a Chevrolet and take in the rugged west like a cowboy in Marlboro Country. If we didn’t feel so good we had Alka-Seltzer for speedy results and eased our tensions with Beech-Nut Gum, always a refreshing peppermint flavor. 

We paused for a refresher with Coca Cola, it's a natural! And ate Rowntree’s Fruit Gums, because they were long lasting and you can taste the fruit!

Van Heusen Century shirts never wrinkled, ever. We stayed regular with all-vegetable Nature’s Remedy, it made the difference! And Dad, always pleasant if Mom had a meal disaster, “Don’t worry darling, you didn’t burn the beer!" (Schlitz)

We jumped for joy with POST SUGAR CRISP and never forgot our vitamin-rich MILK, nourishing foods are the foundations for a STRONG AMERICA! And if there was any doubt at all, TIDE'S GOT WHAT WOMEN WANT! No soap, no other “suds” no other washing product known will get your wash as CLEAN as TIDE!

Rene washing dishes. (1956)

I’m cracking up this morning after a volley online with 1950’s advertising. I'm working on a paper about now and then. Life is looking so totally corny back then through today’s lense.

“Did people really live like that?”  No... Not really. But they (we) did buy a lot of those products and appliances and we did watch (and they weren't the reruns) of Leave it to Beaver, Disney, I Love Lucy, Gunsmoke and the Ed Sullivan Show.

The photo is me (at 6) washing dishes in 1956 with younger brother Steve looking on. We’re at home in the Renton Highlands, better known then as The Projects. It certainly wasn’t modern but looking back it was a convenience for Mom and Dad if I was participating in the domestic household process. Houserules dictated that started as early as possible. ;o)

Mom throughout our childhood quoted dear Auntie Mildred (her oldest sister) whom often said, “Many hands make the job small.” That still rings true. We all go forward better together. Real modern convenience equates to cooperation. It’s a human thing, not hardware or an app. Technology is our context, it doesn’t replace participation. It should create more opportunity for it.

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