Thursday, April 16, 2015

Coming Home, at the University Village

I’ve posted about the University Village in Seattle several times. I draw a lot of inspiration from this urban village and my co-worker Barbie Van Horn and I teach a a really fun and engaging 3 clock hour social media marketing class here once a month titled: Mobile Communication Boot Camp, or #mobilecomcamp for short.

There’s always something new to discover here and I especially enjoy the public art. One of my favorite ensembles of cast Bronze sculptures is Coming Home (1995), by Georgia Gerber. I'm not sure exactly why I’m so attracted, but it strikes a chord in me as 'they' say. When I was growing up we were not far from rural and I had many opportunities to spend time on farms and ranches around the are with animals of all kinds.

I connect with this ‘artist's statement’ on the website bio:

"I like my sculpture to invite an interaction with its audience. This is often meant to be a direct physical interaction, but always I strive to engage the viewer's imagination. I tend to present an incomplete visual narrative; a story is suggested, a feeling evoked, and the viewers find themselves providing details."

As a writer and one who loves photography and video, this so resonates with me. I so totally relate to 'the incomplete visual narrative' and 'evoking the viewer to provide details'. It's a primary driving force for me. I strive to create images and a context that invites the viewer to fill in the intentional blanks.

Georgia Gerber has many wonderful pieces and installations all over the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere...

More about Georgia Gerber and her art at: and

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