Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Rainy Day

It's been pouring rain all day... Back from Seattle I'm headed down Benson on Easthill Kent for my office this afternoon listening to NPR and thinking, "When the rains come, they run and hide their heads." It was 1966 and Rain was the flip side to Paperback Writer. These two songs along with the Rubber Soul album, followed by Revolver really stirred my imagination and changed my musical direction forever.

They were no longer the 4 young Lads singing cute songs like I want to hold your hand. I agree with Ringo, who said years after The Beatles, he thought Rain was one of his best drum tracks.

Traffic is light, where is everybody? Oh that's right! They're stuck on the freeway in Seattle. That's why I came home the back way...

I love the sound of rain and the extra snaps and pops the hail adds. I had a home on May Valley Road years ago, between Renton and Newcastle. I used to really enjoy listening to the rain out on the back patio. It was covered with one of those green corrugated plastic roofs. Our home backed up to Cougar Mountain on the south side and when the rain rolled in the low lying clouds would back up against the mountain and wow we'd really get dumped on and that plastic roof would roar!

I'm a Northwest guy, so I rarely if ever use an umbrella, but with a good rain jacket and a baseball cap you'll make out just fine. Come summer we'll be glad we had days like today, when it's beautiful outdoors, the skies a clear and the landscape is a thousand shades of green. I'll be singing then, "The bluest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle!" ;0)

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