Thursday, July 11, 2013

Juneau Alaska

Flying into Juneau, Alaska on June 20, 2013, my 2nd trip this month to the last frontier. I had a window seat this flight looking west. If you're a frequent visitor and/or live in Alaska, maybe this is every day stuff, but for me the shear beauty and magnitude of the views takes my breath away. I'm flying up from Seattle and we're headed up Stevens Passage in the Alexander Archipelago just a few minutes from our final approach...

Flying up Stephens Passage for Juneau, AK June 20, 2013.

Flying over Kupreanof Island up Stephens Passage for Juneau, AK June 20, 2013.

Over the Mendenhall Wetlands coming into the Juneau Airport on the upper right.

Making our final approach into Juneau, AK June 20, 2013.

A quaint view of Juneau from my room at the Westmark Baranof Hotel. I love the way this town is nestled between the water and right up next to the mountains.

Downtown Juneau, AK from my room at the Westmark Baranof Hotel.

I'm in Juneau with Terry Bryan and Deb Moore to teach a clock hour class, Real Estate in the Social Age, to local real estate professionals. What a fun group! We had a wonderful day of classes and I got to know several local agents. Two of which had roots back in my town, Renton, Washington.

René Fabre having some fun with the social media class in Juneau, AK June 21, 2013.

Our marathon day of classes over, we're headed back to downtown Juneau to the waterfront for a quick bite to eat and a beverage before we all fly home. Alaska is such an amazing and beautiful place. I'm wishing I had more time to spend here.

Looking over the Mendenhall Wetlands towards downtown Juneau, AK.

The Volendam cruise ship is in port and it's a beautiful Friday early evening, the sun is out and it's in the high 70's.

The cruise ship Volendam on the Juneau waterfront, Friday June 21, 2013.

Many thanks to Terry Bryan and Deb Moore, my coworkers and friends from First American Title Alaska for hours of wonderful conversation and working together. They took such good care of me and we crammed absolutely every minute of every day full of activities. I'm really looking forward to coming back.

Terry Bryan, First American Title.

What a wonderful way to end my trip to Juneau sitting with Terry and Deb on the wharf at the Twisted Fish Company Alaska Grill. Deb Moore, First American Title.

On my flight back to Seattle the thought crossed my mind that I'll have to watch Never Cry Wolf again this weekend so I can hold onto the reverence I'm feeling for the last frontier.

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