Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Land of the Midnight Sun

Okay, I know... I was really lucky. I picked the perfect week and the best summer in years to go to Alaska! But let me back peddle for just a moment... It all started at a managers meeting back in early March on a cold rainy gray day in Seattle. I gave a brief 10 minute talk about my role on the team and the conversations I have about the social web with clients.

Right after the meeting Terry Bryan, our Alaska manager, caught me in the hallway and asked told me, “You have to come to Alaska!” Of course, I said yes! So last week, June 11 - 14, I spent a wonderful week in Anchorage working with our staff and giving classes to clients.

To say it was beautiful would be lame. It was warmer (and nicer) than it was in Seattle. In fact a few of my friends back home let me know via Facebook they were a bit miffed that it appeared I took the good weather north, so stop teasing already! I stayed at the Hotel Captain Cook and below is the view from my room.  

Awesome view from my room at the Hotel Captain Cook in Anchorage, Alaska.
My hat is off and I say a hearty sincere thank you to everyone at the Hotel Captain Cook. The best customer service I have experienced in like forever! This photo is from my room looking east. I was warned that winter is essentially 9 months long here but today, I wanted to stay forever! 
Driving the Seward Highway southeast just outside of Anchorage. Awesome views!
No matter what direction you look in Anchorage is a bigger than life epic view. The mountains in every direction are beautiful! This is driving southeast just a few minutes outside Anchorage on the Seward Highway. The tides in that bay along Seward are 30 feet!
Flat Top, about 3000 feet above Anchorage.
Terry and I had a wonderful drive and after we drove down Seward Highway for a while we hung a left and headed up the hill around Rabbit Creek to Flat Top, about 3000 feet or so.
A big loop to the right after take off from Anchorage, headed home for Seattle.
It all went by so fast as good times do! I love my coworkers and I had a great time meeting clients and doing the classes. I'm gratefull. I flew out last Friday, June 14th. This is circling around Anchorage just after take off headed back to Seattle. 
Flying over Alaska, gorgeous view of the mountains a few minutes east of Anchorage after take off to Seattle.
A shot over the wing a few minutes after take off a little east of Anchorage. The mountains are magnificent! I'm so grateful to have made this trip. Thank you Terry Bryan and Deb Moore for making it so special.

I do have to admit that I didn't get much of anything done last weekend after I got back home. Those 20+ hour days are awesome but I was pretty tired afterwards. 

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