Saturday, October 6, 2012

Slug Bug! Smack! No Hit-Backs!

When the kids were younger and we were out on a Saturday adventure, they’d play slug bug. If you haven’t played, the first one to see a Beetle smacks one of the others and you’re free from hit-backs. That’s the rule. Not any VW mind you, just Beetles, old or new.

Now they’re all grown up and it's been a few years since we've piled into the Explorer to head out on a Saturday. Shannon lives in Hawaii on Kauai, Jeff and Paige in Newcastle. They’re Gen Y Millennials in their 20’s now with lives of their own.

It’s funny the silly little things a dad remembers, the memories you cherish. One of our monthly rituals was driving up the back way along Lake Sammamish to visit the Half Price Books in Redmond. This store was their favorite and the other two closer to home just wouldn't do.

We enjoyed the drive along the lake with its beautiful views over the water and the Cascade Mountains in the background. There are so many gorgeous homes along the 7 mile parkway, both on and off the waterfront. We’d make up stories about famous people and movie stars pretending they lived there.

Slug Bug! Smack! No Hit-Backs!

Even at half price, I spent a small fortune there during those years. Yet, it was one of my best investments. They all have a passion for knowledge and think like creators. When it was time to leave they'd each, clutching a pile of books in their arms, give me 'that' look; “Dad, I know this is really a lot, but it's okay, right?”

It almost always was and I enjoyed their choices. Then off we’d go for some lunch and the rest of the afternoon. When I spot a Beetle I smile and remember...

Slug Bug! Smack! No Hit-Backs!

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