Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bumper Sticker Social Media

I love the social media that is car stickers! Like bloggers, they can convey a lot with a few words and images. I'm on Capitol Hill in Seattle driving up 12th Ave E last Friday morning for a social media get together at Roy Street Coffee & Tea when I spot this Volvo station wagon a few cars ahead of me.

It has Washington plates, but it still proudly displays its Canadian license on the bumper with numerous stickers on the back window. I'm thinking it's a student because they turn into the Seattle University campus parking lot.

I'm cracking up, it makes me think of my Grandmother and how much she loved animals, especially cats. I can hear her saying; "They're just little people too, you know. They have feelings, just like you and me."

Stickers on the rear window of a Volvo denote, Dogs are people too and Dog is my co-pilot.

I'm thinking I found another kindred soul for Grandma here on earth, in the city. She'd like this Canadian.

Dogs are people too. Dog is my co-pilot. I love Washington beer, Oregon, Montana, squirrels, and more...

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