Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Trevani Truffles

I discovered Anne Boyington of Trevani Truffles at the Renton Farmers Market a few weeks ago. The business was born out of a family passion for making homemade chocolate truffles.

Trevani Truffles booth at the Renton Farmers Market. Trevani Truffles menu board. Trevani Truffles, box of four. These delicious morsels of chocolate won't last long, one has already disappeared!

For several years the recipes were only enjoyed by the family and close friends around the holidays. But son Troy and daughter Eva were relentless about sharing these fabulous goodies with the world so they opened up their first shop in 2007 in a 10’ by 10’ tent here at the Renton Farmers Market.

The business has grown and now you’ll find Trevani Truffles at several area Farmers Markets around the Seattle area and they also sell directly to customers year round. Check out their website at:

Trevani Truffles at the Renton Farmers Market... June 12, 2012

Anne offered me a free sample as we chatted at the booth and after a taste that was all it took. It was absolutely delicious and oh so yummy! Of course I had to buy a box on the spot! I thought of my co-worker Barbie Van Horn. We had a meeting scheduled for the next day.

Barbie is a super chocolate enthusiast, so much so she has a wonderful blog dedicated to it: I couldn’t wait for her to try them and get her opinion. Needless to say she loved them too and rattled off a bunch of technical chocolate terms I have no idea what they meant. But the consensus was, these are really really good!

Trevani Truffles, Johnson - a dark chocolate ganache with Rockridge Orchards sweet raspberry wine.

Trevani may sound Italian, but it’s actually a mashup of Troy, Eva, and Annie. I appreciate the fact they partner with local farmers and artisans for the freshest organic ingredients and the truffles are gluten and preservative free.

My personal favorite, and that was a hard pressed decision to make because all were fabulous, was the truffle known as Johnson. A dark chocolate ganache with Rockridge Orchards sweet raspberry wine. Not only is the taste divine they are beautiful little works of art, obviously made with a lot of love and care.

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