Thursday, November 3, 2011

What are you planning to do online in 2012?

I was lost in thought about how much social media is changing. Cyberspace seems to be cluttered and noisy lately and I’m feeling the need to revamp. I’m thinking about this while I'm driving through downtown Renton during rush hour. My soundtrack is The Beatles, Abbey Road.

Golden Slumber...
“Once there was a way to get back homeward. Once there was a way to get back home.”

I turn onto Main Street and dang!, I forgot about the road work. My little ethereal drift is interrupted when an impatient driver cuts me off and I can't get out of the right lane before the detour forces me to make another right and round the block I go to where I started.

What an awesome metaphor for my state of mind, I’m thinking!

We’re no longer drinking from the fire hose, it’s a tsunami!

I feel the need to assess and make choices. Do you?

Though I enjoy my seat at the most bountiful buffet of endless and amazing online platforms I know intrinsically, if I partake of it all, the best I can hope for is a stomach ache, so I ask; "From which of these ever evolving places should I place my faith and trust?"

I'll plan to be on Facebook in 2012, casually and for fun to keep in touch. Twitter for breaking news, messages, and links to interesting stuff the community shares. Though, I am going to do some house cleaning real soon to get rid of those pesky types that just push product. 

You will see me on Activerain. It's my number one ROI site based on the number of connections and friends I’ve made, the referrals, the ideas, and the quality of shared knowledge and information I experience.

I want to focus more on my blogs, here on Activerain and my other locations. It's the direction my heart is telling me to go. Right now The Blackberry Chronicles needs my attention. My role at work has changed so I’m no longer the daily commuter (which was the original premise) and...
I should be getting an iPhone soon.

It just wouldn’t be right or authentic to post my photos from an iPhone to a blog named The Blackberry Chronicles. You know what I’m saying? But, the Pacific Northwest is known for its blackberry bushes, so I’m still mulling that over.

I love video, I’ll be growing my YouTube channel. Google+ fascinates me and I need to do more homework. It’s integrating everything so quickly and seamlessly it makes me a little anxious. Foursquare, I’m holding my opinion until I get the new phone. It chokes my Blackberry so it's disruptive. And, I am having a few challenges wrapping my mind around the numerous check in's at really vague places...

Yet my all time favorite check in (and I laughed so hard I almost spit my coffee) was by my dear friend Debra Trappen on a flight to Las Vegas. (I thought it was brilliant.)

“Hey hey! Your friend debra11 checked in @ 30,000 Feet () at 11:15 AM. Swing by and say hi!”

So, that's a little of what I've been thinking about. I’m looking forward to 2012. In preparation I'm asking my people a lot of questions and trying to listen more.

What are you planning to do online in 2012?

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