Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let's Gear Up for a 3 wheeling adventure...

I was downtown Renton yesterday headed for the Farmers Market after work. I found a place to park on Williams Ave S right behind this awesome Russian Ural motorcycle.

I haven't seen many of these around. This is the "Gear-Up" model. It was originally built as a military bike back in 1941. It's based on the BMW R71. Story has it that the Russian's smuggled them into the country via Sweden to reverse engineer them for the war effort.

IMA - Ural is headquartered in Irbit, Russia in the Ural Mountain region. They were built to go over rough roads and trails where only a horse or donkey could traverse. They're popularity is worldwide and they sell everyone they make. In 2010 they made 800 of them. Irbit MotorWorks of America is the importer.

They have a very informative website:

The Gear-Up is my favorite model... I love the fact they so closely resemble the original 1941 design.

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