Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mom's Kitchen

One of my favorite places for breakfast food is Mom’s Kitchen. It’s tucked away in an older industrial area of south Kent warehouses on Central Ave. It’s easy to drive by without knowing it’s there if you don’t catch the one roadside sign. It wasn’t scientifically located by experts from a national big box chain for maximum street exposure to a targeted demographic. I don’t think they’ve ever advertised because I’ve never seen it. Yet, locals know exactly where Mom’s is and are willing to make the trip to get here. 

Make good no nonsense real comfort food and they will come.

By and large we clean up pretty good around here in the Pacific Northwest and we’re usually quite respectful of our appearance. Yet, from time to time and being from the motherland of grunge, we do love our places where we can just show up as is because we’ve been out working in the yard or taking a truckload to the dump and we’re hungry and must have coffee.

As it turns out, this is usually when I come here. Out on the weekend running errands, call my good friend Dave, “Let’s hook up for coffee and breakfast.” I love the plastic red & white checkered tablecloths and the fact that most furniture doesn’t match. It kind of makes me think the interior design team did a quick shopping spree at the Goodwill or as my cousin Susan once said; “Our decor is primarily early attic.” Don’t get me wrong, to me that is the real authentic charm of the place and I love it!

photo credit: Josh R

A typical Sunday morning you’ll find families dressed up and stopping by after church while others are in the midst of a major weekend project. They all have something in common. They want good food, skip the frills, great service, and comfort. Well, they came to the right place.

photo credit: Bert W

Mom’s is one of the few places left where you have to surrender; “Please no more coffee refills.” I’m grinding my teeth and I think my jaws locked. All kidding aside, it’s a great low-keyed eatery and I cherish the fact we still have places like this in the Northwest.

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