Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Community Transit - The Double Tall

The Double Tall Enviro 500 buses are perking up the Community Transit fleet.

Although the first two Double Tall buses were added to the fleet on March 31, 2011, I've just encountered them on Interstate 5 in Seattle this past week. You can't miss them, they're taller than anything on the road and really standout.

The new double decker buses are shorter than the old articulated buses, 42 feet long instead of 60 feet. They burn less fuel, have a smaller footprint, and seat 77 passengers (28 on the top deck and 28 on the lower deck) with designated standing room areas.

Alexander Dennis Limited, the same Scotland-based company that builds those iconic double decker buses in London. At 14 feet tall they look very top heavy to me, yet 70% of the weight is within 4 feet of the ground. The Community Transit website says they're going to add 23 of them to the fleet and they'll be used primarily on commuter routes from Snohomish County to downtown Seattle.

Heading for the underpass at The Washington State Convention Center I had a moment of deep concern hoping they weren't too tall to make clearance.

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