Monday, February 7, 2011

Coach Charlie...

It struck me yesterday morning while I was having my coffee on the deck just how far I’ve come with my training. It’s been a long and sometimes arduous journey. I freely admit to having moments when I just wanted to pack it in and bail.

Yet, sitting here today with a lot of it behind me, I'll give myself a little credit. I've made some progress.

You see, I’m working with Coach Charlie, one of the most amazing experts of human behavior I’ve ever encountered. His training is based on a profound understanding of a very simple premise: "With a clear purpose, a relentless commitment to the plan, and never losing site of the intended outcome, you can accomplish anything."

Being in and of the world is everything to Coach Charlie. Like all of us he has his likes and dislikes, but rarely have I ever seen him go off in a cranky mood or dwell on the negative. But don’t get me wrong, he’s not shy about letting you know what he thinks.

The coach is not one for lengthy conversation. To him actions speak louder than words. "Just do it", that’s his mantra. I remember a couple of sessions we had back in the beginning. Coach Charlie, without saying a word mind you, went to great lengths to demonstrate an important lesson he really wanted me to get. I was too slow though and missed the point. I was still stuck in that place where I needed someone to explain it to me with words.

Unlike me, he’s a master of balance. He's keenly aware that engagement is paramount, yet it's crucial to know when to disengage and let it rest. All good things in due time. Method rules in his world. Not to imply he's regimented, just the opposite. Coach Charlie keeps himself extremely fit and alert by setting time aside everyday for play, contemplation, naps, adventure, study, meditation, and he never misses an opportunity for the simple pleasures of life, like a good meal, or affection.

He has that Zen childlike quality of being in the absolute moment. I aspire to be more like that, but I know I still think about things too much. His amazing genius is the ability to dance between the daily framework he's manifested to carry out his purpose and yet remains flexible and spontaneous. The process doesn't rule him and I truly admire that.

His dedication to me and my education is beyond moving. In fact, I kind of thought he would have given up on me some time ago, since I'm such a slow learner. Life is what it is, get over it. Coach Charlie taught me you can move mountains if you just get up everyday with a purpose and work the plan.

Well, in short, there you have it! Take consistent action with patience and persistence. Work with (and not against) the forces that exist around you. With a clear purpose, relentless commitment to the plan, and never losing site of that intended outcome, "You can accomplish anything!"

Thanks Coach... Thanks for your help, your guidance, and being there for me everyday. I appreciate it.

The Blackberry Chronicles

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